The oil recovery process adopted will depend on how the oil is present in the water stream. Oil can be found as free oil, as an unstable oil/water emulsion and also as a highly stable oil/water emulsion. The current study was dedicated to the application of micro bubble air flotation process for the removal of such oily emulsions for its characters of cost-effective, simple structure, high efficiency and no secondary pollution. The influence of several key parameters on the process removal efficiency was examined, namely, initial oil concentration, pH value of the emulsion, and the effect of adding sodium chloride. The effect of bubble size on the performance of the separation process and its impact on removal efficiency was also investigated. 

Trimet providing the flotation vessel skid based on process parameters and end user requirement. We are providing horizontal and vertical flotation vessel based on the end user requirement. Also we are providing the completer separation package – combined skid for Hydro cyclones and vertical flotation vessel skid integrated with flow control valve and other safety systems.


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