Trimet measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured.
About Trimet

Measurement & control System requires special expertise that is often hard to find in-house in a typical end user company, the best solution can often be the purchase of a purpose-built metering skid. If this option is selected, it is important to pick the right supplier. The selected skid builder must have extensive experience and knowledge of flow meter technologies, flow characteristics, accepted meter proving practices and technologies, government and agency regulations, and much more. Three important requirements for above cases are experienced Mechanical Engineering, Electrical-Instrumentation & Control Engineering and Manufacturing engineering. “Trimet”-Is the combination of these three engineering.

We offer fully tailored intelligence solutions to meet the unique business requirements of any organization. Our deep industry expertise coupled with cross-functional analyst teams ensures that we can support the intelligence requirements of even the most specific of Mechanical and Automation problems. We provide a host of services from Market Entry to Technology Assessment, all uniquely tailored to the requirements of each client. Trimet started in 2015, during these periods we hire all of the expertise required to execute Industrial Automation projects across multiple Engineering disciplines in a cost-effective manner.

Our Hi-engineered modular skid solution converts this challenge into an advantage for our clients. We rely on our network of engineering experts across the value chains of different Projects in different countries to provide us with the right perspective and the latest Automation Technology and insights so that we can deliver the right solutions to our partners. This network is constantly vetted and growing to ensure we track and identify ripple effects, wherever they may impact the most. We currently have expert engineers across all industrial automation area.


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