The volumetric test measure tank prover is covered in the API MPMS Chapter 4.4 and was the first product to gain acceptance in the industry for meter accuracy verification in the field. This device is mechanical in design and is the simplest to use and operate. The primary tank prover consists of a certified volume tank or test measure (sized by the required amount of fluid delivered in 1 minute at the actual maximum flow rate) with graduated neck and a gauge glass and scale (scale is designed for + 0.5 percent of tank certified volume) on the top and possibly the bottom of the tank to measure the tank zero start and stop volume position respectively. There will be temperature measurement locations on an open or closed type system. On a closed tank system, pressure measurement is added as well as inlet/outlet flow connections and drain valve, vapor recovery or release system, overlapping tank side site glasses, and many other components as illustrated in API MPMS Chapter 4.3. When moving from a stationary tank prover to a portable system the additional components needed are a vehicle or trailer, leveling equipment, hoses and connectors, and possibly a small liquid pump-off system. The use of a tank prover is simple in operation; the most important part is selecting the correct size tank for the meter flow rate(s) to be calibrated. Once all piping connections are established and tank is verified as empty the inlet flow to the prover begins and fills the tank to the appropriate level. When the tank has reached the upper neck gauge glass and the fill line falls within determined tank volume scales, the flow is stopped. The technician reads the scale for the exact gross volume measurement in the tank and this volume has a direct relationship with the registered volume of the meter under test. These values are then used to calculate a new meter factor. A verification proving is then required to assure that any changes applied had the desired result.


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