Industrial automation systems include high-level architectures in networking and control strategies in order for equipment to operate automatically or with no or reduced human interaction. Trimet having inhouse experienced Automation engineer to design the project based protocols such as IO-Link or Modbus RTU that give sensors and the PLC a means of communicating. The PLC acts as the master, assigns the sensor its parameters, and accesses its process values such as flow, temperature, pressure, conductivity, and level. An industrial computer, also known as a programmable logic controller or “PLC,” comprises different modules, including a processor, digital input, analog input, high-speed counters, and various industrial communication protocol adapters. Trimet control system engineers are stored in the PLC’s memory in a language it understands. These languages include ladder logic, sequential function charts, or structured text. “SCADA,” which stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, encompasses the entire facility or processes and not only at the control or field device level. SCADA software is commonly installed on a server computer and is accessed by computers or clients within the same network. A user can access pre-configured and customizable screens that allow control of components on the ground floor, such as valves, motors, actuators, etc.


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